City Life – Album
"City Life" embodies the full range of emotions and excitement of living in a big city. The hype, the intrigue, the thrills and the heartbreaks, which are all part of the package.

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13 SONGS • 44 MINUTES • SEP 02 2022

1 Summer Time, 03:16

2 Never Forget You, 03:34

3 Blindsided, 03:46

4 How to Break Free, 03:46

5 Dark Stranger, 03:28

6 Droppin' It, 03:42

7 The City Life, 03:25

8 Got the Healin', 03:10

9 Just Your Ghost, 03:00

10 Don't Give Up (feat. Kayli), 03:05

11 Another Day, 03:10

12 Better Without You, 03:24

13 Rumours, 03:36



He said welcome to the city life

Where the action never stops

The vibes never drops

Welcome to the city life


See the bright lights 

Illuminating the night sky

You feel so high

But never know why

And everything feels right

Emotions can take flight 

Living up in this city life

Need to find myself a wife

To make it complete

But it’s so sweet 

I’m loving the city life


Diva and overachiever 

is what I like

She said yes

To join me on my motorbike 

Hikes, all things I like, 


And we’ll never fight 

Let our emotions take flight