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City Life - Album (13 Songs) - September 2022

Sunrise - Album (13 Songs) - May 2022

Under the Spotlight - Album (12 Songs) - November 2021

Hello! - Album (15 Songs) - May 2021

Mustard Seed – Album (18 Songs) – October 2020

When Love is Wrong – Single – 2020

The Maestro – Single – 2020

No Promises – Single – 2019

Maestro – Album (18 Songs) – November 2019

Gotta be a Lady – Single – 2019

Christmas to Me – Single – 2019

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Doing it My Way
When Love is Wrong
City Life
Have Some Fun
Dark Stranger
Work it Out
Hugs & Kisses
Say Hello!
Keep Working
Tic-Toc Dance
Rhythm and rhyme (R&R) has always been my passion and a source of inspiration. I never take for granted the level of effort and attention to detail required to make something enduring. I take this attitude into every project. So don't just listen to my work...try to connect with it! I use energizing beats, chords and synths, but the message and takeaways in the lyrics are far deeper than you'll experience in a few seconds of listening. My music is poetry in motion and quite unique, so there's nothing comparable! But do listen deeply and draw your own conclusion.

Mustard Seed
Don't Cry for Me
In the Spotlight
Dirty Game
Breaking Chains
Call Me Now
Life's Medley
Not Giving Up

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