HELLO! (2021 Album)

I am excited to share the news that Dignatian's new album "Hello!" is here!

"Hello!" features songs you already like, such as "No Happy Home",  "Her Celebrity", and "The Master Key"

No Happy Home (2021 Single)

Official Release is here. Listen to the silky smooth voice of Amila Canta as she is featured on this new release. 

Mustard Seed (2020 Album)

Dignatian's album "Mustard Seed" was released in October 2020.

experience creativity in music

Music is how we experience the world. Dignatian has figured out why. So listen to his music, feel the beat, hear the lyrics, connect with his vibe…experience creativity! 

Just Count Me In
In the Cold of Night
When Love is Wrong Artwork
Tomorrow Will Rise
Her Celebrity
Soar Main

I don't ever stop believing success is the next phone call, email or conversation…and so should you! You only fail if you stop believing.

Jamsphere "Mustard Seed" Album Review:

"If you used the terms “rap” and “hip-hop” in past decades, you were speaking of something completely different than what we’re listening to in 2021. Alternative sounds and hybrid blends in hip-hop are becoming the norm, and outliers in modern rap are branching out further and further from the traditional boom-bap of the ’80s and the gritty styles of the ’90s. "

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Hi Fans!

Dignatian is a Canadian-based hip-hop rap artist. His first official release was “Maestro” on November 26, 2019, but he has been making music for several years before that release. Dignatian’s lyrics are entrenched in his grass-root's perspective on life, which emphasize a desire for leadership and success in both music and life as a whole. His music features strong rhythms and rhymes, which are a hallmark of his songs and poetic roots.

Embrace creativity…feel the vibe!


Artist and Producer

  • My first release was “Maestro” on November 26, 2019. My lyrics are rooted in my upbringing and perspective on life, which emphasizes a desire for leadership and success in both music and life in general. My music has a strong dub poetry undertone because of my very poetic style and passion for rhymes, which is a hallmark of the songs.

  • I believe in pushing the limits of my talent and abilities. I am not afraid to try to exceed the limits that others impose on me.

  • My core belief is that nothing can be accomplished without a wholehearted and passionate attempt to bring it to fruition.

  • Mustard Seed – Album (18 Songs) – 2020
  • Under Lockdown – Single – 2020
  • When Love is Wrong – Single – 2020
  • The Maestro – Single – 2020
  • The Wrong Picture – Single – 2020
  • Count Me In – Single – 2020
  • No Promises – Single – 2019
  • Maestro – Album (18 Songs) – 2019
  • Gotta be a Lady – Single – 2019
  • Christmas to Me – Single – 2019
  • The Perfect Advice – Single – 2019
  • Fathers Stand – Single – 2019
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