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Doing it My Way
When Love is Wrong
City Life
Have Some Fun
Dark Stranger
Work it Out
Hugs & Kisses
Say Hello!
Keep Working
Tic-Toc Dance
Mustard Seed
Don't Cry for Me
In the Spotlight
Dirty Game
Breaking Chains
Call Me Now
Life's Medley
Not Giving Up
Rhythm and rhyme (R&R) has always been my passion and a source of inspiration. I never take for granted the level of effort and attention to detail required to make something enduring. I take this attitude into every project. So don't just listen to my work...try to connect with it! I use energizing beats, chords and synths, but the message and takeaways in the lyrics are far deeper than you'll experience in a few seconds of listening. My music is poetry in motion and quite unique, so there's nothing comparable! But do listen deeply and draw your own conclusion.

- Dignatian

Dub-Poet & Indie Music Artist
Toronto, Ontario
City Life - Album (13 Songs) - September 2022

Sunrise - Album (13 Songs) - May 2022

Under the Spotlight - Album (12 Songs) - November 2021

Hello! - Album (15 Songs) - May 2021

Mustard Seed – Album (18 Songs) – October 2020

When Love is Wrong – Single – 2020

The Maestro – Single – 2020

No Promises – Single – 2019

Maestro – Album (18 Songs) – November 2019

Gotta be a Lady – Single – 2019

Christmas to Me – Single – 2019