The excitement and anticipation came to a crescendo when Dignatian’s 5th studio album, Better DayZ, featuring genres of Alternative Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae and EDM, dropped on Friday, July 12th (Listen again to the official press release below).

Initial feedback on Better DayZ commends its unique combination of sound, beats, and profound lyrics, which creates an experience no listener should miss. Dignatian’s music is not mainstream and, therefore, caters to the eclectic taste of Gen Zers (Generation Z or the “Now Generation“) and perhaps some Millennials.

Better DayZ is available on all major streaming platforms, ensuring fans worldwide can access and enjoy the music seamlessly. Look for the album on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Boom Play, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. Each platform will provide listeners with the opportunity to experience Dignatian’s innovative blend of genres.

The video above depicts the album’s spirit and the hope for “Better DayZ” for Generation Z, especially those of colour, blacks and minorities. The message is clear in this album, “Better Days are Coming!” It perfectly encapsulates a hopeful and uplifting vibe, which is interwoven throughout the tracks on Better DayZ.

Dignatian has boldly deviated from mainstream music, which is all about hype and little substance, to create positive and shareable music. So turn up the volume!

As you preview the songs on this Spotify playlist, you will experience Dignatian’s signature style all over Better DayZ. It’s fresh and relatable for repeated listening, especially on dayz when you need a little extra motivation.

Only The Beginning…

Now that Better DayZ is out look for tour dates and other upcoming releases. And continue to be inspired and moved by the music. Better DayZ delivers more than just music: it’s also fun and exciting.

Dignatian’s commitment for his musical career continues to be ‘message in the music‘ campaign, championing hope and resilience for minorities and people of colour around the globe!

Author: Digi

Dignatian is the founder of DMusicX, which highlights different aspects of the global music industry from an indie artist's "behind the scenes" experience. In his blogs, he advocates for people to "lend their voices to his mission of safeguarding the future of music for everyone!"

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