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dignatian (Digi)
Dignatian is a Canadian-based dub-poet and indie artist who has been on the music scene since 2015. His lyrics are potent and deep-rooted in his upbringing and perspective on life, which emphasize accountability, leadership and success in music and life as a whole. His philosophy is that music can both be entertaining and uplifting at the same time--no need to sacrifice one for the promotion of the other. His musical style involves creating a happy union between pulsating beats and polished lyrics that rhyme and educate.
In a genre that focuses more on entertainment, Dignatian's musical style is at the cutting edge of being evolutionary. His core belief is that nothing can be accomplished without commitment, passion and a desire to bring it to fruition.

His Own Words...

Even before my first official album release Maestro in 2019, I have been making and crafting music for several years before that. I credit my diverse cultural background for my unconventional lyrics that are entrenched in a very grass-rooted perspective of life. Whether on the streets of Jamaica or Canada (Toronto), I see leadership and inspiration as fundamentals for music and life, and can form a happy union—not on the opposite sides of a spectrum. My music features strong rhythms and rhymes, which are hallmarks of my poetic background.

Music is always evolving and my goal with every release is to support that evolution. There is nothing more beautiful than a song that touches your heart, body and soul. I pay homage to the many songwriters, artists and musicians who have paved the way for me as an Indie Artist to have this chance. As a result, we have over a million new songs being released each year--that's phenomenal in itself. But what impresses me most, is that each year thousands of new artists find their voices and burst onto the music scene, bringing richness, variety and uniqueness to the music fraternity. Wherever you are in the world, do your part by supporting your local Indie Artists to keep music growing and expanding.
Embrace creativity…feel the vibe!

Poet and Indie Artist

Why ever stop believing that success is the next phone call, text, email or conversation away? There is no shame in believing and dreaming! Talk to anyone you consider famous or successful and you'll know the secret: You fail only if you stop believing. My advice to you: DON'T FAIL. BELIEVE!

Jamsphere "Mustard Seed" Album Review

"If you used the terms “rap” and “hip-hop” in past decades, you were speaking of something completely different than what we’re listening to in 2021. Alternative sounds and hybrid blends in hip-hop are becoming the norm, and outliers in modern rap are branching out further and further from the traditional boom-bap of the ’80s and the gritty styles of the ’90s.