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1 A Message, 3:44

2 Have Some Fun, 3:59

3 Under Lockdown, 5:00

4 Early Morning Stroll, 4:09

5 Hugs and Kisses, 3:23

6 No Promises (Remix), 3:25

7 Empowering Words, 3:35

8 When Love is Wrong, 3:54

9 Tic-Toc Dance, 3:37

10 Mama’s Town, 3:47

11 Give Her Space, 4:09

12 Money No Honey, 3:33

13 Twin Peaks, 3:40


I do believe in fairytale

That true love stays 

and will always prevail

Iet’s you take a breath 

And then exhale

can make you blush 

But then one day pale

It may feel like you’re 

on a boat trying to sail

around the globe

in the midst of a gale

but do what you must

To never let love fail

and you did your best

even if you must bail

She entered my life 

almost like a silhouette

with such poise and grace

she was near perfect

Though I tried my best

haven’t figured her out yet

but savorIng every minute.

A strange notion I can’t get

that unsettles me quite a bit,

every time we have met

She’s like a stranger 

I invited in with no regret

to form a bond from the outset

And though I’d never bet

perhaps on a special day

after a splendid sunset

she’d be here at my side

unlocking every secret

I reached out to the universe 

To find me someone 

to lean on

And it gave me 

you in return

An honour I can’t say 

I’ve earned

but I don’t always understand 

and in my humble 


when fate 

provides  perfection

Who are we 

to even question

If we are deserving 

of its attention 

or not

just embrace 

what you’ve got!


But I believe in beauty

and I believe in you, baby

cause you’re my sweetie

And I believe in hugs and kisses

fulfilling all your wishes

You never need to insist

as it’s only you I’d miss 

I know the ups and downs 

That what lifts you up 

Can so easily be torn

when patience gets worn

and promises once sworn

Broken as they can’t be borne

Things cant get better 

If love is not grown

so one’s face looks cute 

even when with a frown 

instead of saying brute

if a chance gets blown

cause it isn’t worth 

the pain of living alone

And most times I don’t 

want to pick up my phone

But one day I hope 

to make it back home

I can’t say it’ll be soon

so don’t start counting

each pass of the moon

Author: Dignatian

Dignatian is the founder of DMusicX, which highlights different aspects of the global music industry from an indie artist's "behind the scenes" experience. In his blogs, he advocates for people to "lend their voices to his mission of safeguarding the future of music for everyone!"