City Life – Album
By Dignatian | |
"City Life" embodies the full range of emotions and excitement of living in a big city. The hype, the intrigue, the thrills and the heartbreaks, which are all part of the package.
Sunrise – Album
By Dignatian | |
Every time I want to complain I see something unbelievable. Something that reminds me every "Sunrise" how incredible we are at overcoming adversity. Even situations rarely seen-- how people's resolve impresses me!
Under the Spotlight – Album
By Dignatian | |
Sometimes you need to step out of the spotlight and let it shine on someone else who is always in your shadow. The person who makes the sacrifice, so that you can rise! "Under the Spotlight" highlights the moments when we stop and appreciate what we create and those around us, being mindful it's never too late!
Hello! – Album
By Dignatian | |
The message is simple, just say Hello! The songs follow the theme and the possibilities that will ensue…Say Hello!
Mustard Seed – Album
By Dignatian | |
Faith like a "Mustard Seed" can help you rise to the top, but not without an exponentially larger effort and determination on your part!