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1 Life’s Medley, 4:00

2 Don’t Cry for Me, 2:58

3 Nothing’s in the Way, 3:34

4 Another Place and Time, 2:55

5 In the Spotlight, 3:39

6 Breaking Chains, 2:57

7 Club Pull Up, 3:04

8 Lift Me Up, 3:13

9 Let It Burn, 3:46

10 Repertoire, 2:55

11 African Queen, 3:03

12 Thirst, 4:28



I’ve always been 

in the spotlight 

So no one knows 

who you truly are 

And yet without you

I couldn’t have made it this far

You could easily have had 

your own star

On broadway, 

but you choose

To follow my dreams in our

defunct, beaten up car

But it will always be part 

Of the memories we share

Many nights on the highway 

in the middle of nowhere

Every other day 

In search of that next deal

So we don’t need to worry 

about our next meal 

you always believed in me

but your rationale was never clear

Your excuse 

to always be here

That’s what I admire about you

Any reason to be at my side will do

And why I place all my trust in you…


Step out into the light 

no longer in the shadow 

Just make your move 

though you’ve got 

nothing to prove

cause you’ve created 

this moment, know that

It belongs to only you

take your bow, you truly 

deserve this adulation 

I want the world to know

would not have made it this far

That’s how special you are!

Verse 2

No one knows the sacrifice

That you made by choice 

You had as much right

To be the one chasing 

Your dreams every night

Choosing to put your talent aside

And being at my side 

Even when it wasn’t your fight

Don’t know what I did to deserve 

But my silent prayers were heard 

When you embraced my world 

You perhaps wish this song

was about another girl

That’s how unassuming you are 

But you’d be wrong, cause you’re 

Like my desert sand, 

So gentle and soft, yet ever

Present for me to lean on


Come on into the light

It’s your moment 

to shine bright

No longer out of sight

This is you in the spotlight 

Baby, embrace and own it

No longer In my shadow 

So come on into the spotlight

Stay no longer out of sight 

Baby this is your night 

I want every minute to be just right 

As you sparkle in your spotlight…

Author: Dignatian

Dignatian is the founder of DMusicX, which highlights different aspects of the global music industry from an indie artist's "behind the scenes" experience. In his blogs, he advocates for people to "lend their voices to his mission of safeguarding the future of music for everyone!"