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1 Say Hello! (Acoustic Version), 2:54

2 When Love is Wrong, 4:22

3 No Happy Home (feat. Amila Canta), 3:39

4 Doing It My Way (feat. Craig Storrod & AJ), 3:33

5 Her Celebrity, 4:22

6 Skin Deep, 3:31

7 Broad Daylight, 3:44

8 The Master Key (feat. Amila Canta), 3:33

9 Stay, 4:16

10 The Other Side, 4:08

11 Find My Resistance, 4:25

12 Not A Concern, 3:28

13 Ruby Red, 3:22

14 Been Here Before, 4:22

15 Hello Hello!, 3:46



I’m a simple fellow

so don’t bellow

Out my name

As I’m not in search of fame

So just call my phone

And when I answer 

I’ll say Hello…hello!

Cause that’s my flow!

So here’s my flow

now Let’s go, let’s go

Don’t want to be 

a hero 

or be remembered 

like Nero, 

no, that for me 

is zero

so yo, yo, let’s go

My name isn’t Tino

Don’t live in the city of Rio

But I do like their ladies 

though, hot like an inferno

to them I say hello…

I can be cool like a gelo

But don’t call me a dude or fellow

Else I’ll dunk in your face

like Carmelo…

Yellow is for those too scared

to walk thru the ghetto 

Instead of drums 

they play the cello

Well, hello….

Wow…you’re questioning 

what I know

And that Even for you

Is an all time low!

So don’t even throw 

Words in my direction 

To interrupt my flow

Just in case you didn’t know….

My friends….say Hello!

Pull out your pillow 

And take a nap my bro

You’re not even  in the front row

To be part of the show

If you didn’t know

Watch out my lyrics are 

about to explode 

And the audience 

Will scream out loud

Just cheer and be proud 

That you’ve witnessed

Greatness in all its bliss

So don’t ever dis the flow

Otherwise…well you know

Cause My friends will say hello! 

Author: Dignatian

Dignatian is the founder of DMusicX, which highlights different aspects of the global music industry from an indie artist's "behind the scenes" experience. In his blogs, he advocates for people to "lend their voices to his mission of safeguarding the future of music for everyone!"