Music Video – Giving Up On Tomorrow

This video is about the various challenges we face as a human race: poverty, hunger, droughts, deforestation, using renewable energy, floods, depression, pollution, news overload, climate change impacts, resiliency, water quality, storms, tsunamis, etc.

Each of us can contribute to the solution and make our children see that they too can play their part and not just feel helpless. “Don’t give up on tomorrow”, because today it’s not perfect!

Music Video – Call Me Now

This music video premiered Mar 18, 2022:
This song is for the millions of people across the globe dealing with traumas, personal challenges and crises, anxiety and stress, injustice, unjust war and violence, and need that extra bit of support. Let someone reach out and call you now and say “you’re not alone, they’re in your corner and won’t let you hit the ground…” Support for Ukraine!

Sunrise – Album

Every time I want to complain
I see something unbelievable. Something that reminds me every “Sunrise” how incredible we are at overcoming
adversity. Even situations rarely seen–
how people’s resolve impresses me!

Under the Spotlight – Album

Sometimes you need to step out of the spotlight and let it shine on someone else who is always in your shadow. The person who makes the sacrifice, so that you can rise! “Under the Spotlight” highlights the moments when we stop and appreciate what we create and those around us, being mindful it’s never too late!